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Expert Economist. Years of Experience.


Debra Sabatini Dwyer earned her masters and doctor of philosophy from Cornell University in Health, Labor, and Public economics in 1996.  She completed a post-doctoral fellowship in the Center for Policy Research in the Maxwell School for Public Policy at Syracuse University.  She has worked as an economic researcher for the Social Security Administration in Washington DC.  Dr. Dwyer has spent the last twenty years at Stony Brook University where she has taught economics, public policy, research methods, program evaluation, general micro and macro economics, and teaching methods to undergraduate and graduate students in the College of Arts and Sciences (economics and political science), The School of Health Technology and Management (Chair, Department of Health Care Policy and Management), and the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences (Department of Technology and Society).


Dr. Dwyer uses her expertise as an economist and policy analyst to inform policies in the areas of health care reform and national public health matters, education reform and workforce development, loss and damages analysis, and criminal justice reform.  As an interdisciplinary applied economist Dr. Dwyer has experience engaging in positive economics to meet normative goals.  She has a particular interest in improving social justice and minimizing inequity as a vehicle to a more productive and efficient economy, while also being the founder of Deb Dwyer Analytics.


  • Loss and Damage Analysis/Reports​​​​​​

  • Economic Expert Witness Testimonies 

  • Economic and Policy Analysis

  • Research 

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